Our range of outdoor buildings and sheds are tailored to meet the needs of every possible requirement, with various shapes and sizes to choose from.


Whatever your specific requirements, we design and construct each building's interior according to specifications. Rest assured, you'll have the end-product that meets your needs.


We have a range of colors and styles for windows and doors you can choose from, not to mention all the other extra options available. You specify, we make it happen.

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At Sturdi-Bilt, we care…striving for excellence and customer satisfaction. We endeavor to acheive this goal through Caring Craftsmanship, Quality materials, and Unique designs.

From Basic Storage to Decoractive Sturctures, you can find your fit and style here.

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Sturdi-Bilt Buildings is a family owned business that strives for customer satisfaction, not just to make a sale, but to earn your trust for the long haul of business. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, you can be assured of caring craftsmanship, quality materials, and unique design to compliment your home. We make every effort to earn and maintain your trust by “being as good as our word.”

Many of our customers have come back for repeat business, saying our building does live up to the name – Sturdi-Bilt. We welcome you to come and inspect our buildings and see for yourself their sturdiness, attractiveness, and value.

Our State Of The Art Range Of Storage Units And Garden Sheds

We proud ourselves in our range of garden sheds, cottages, dutch barns, garages, hunters and workshops in many different shapes, colors and sizes!


One of Sturdi-Bilt Buildings’ most popular structures in Austin TX, it is a combination of both beauty and functionality. Since a lot of our clients want to have a place where they could sit back and relax, our cottages make for the perfect option to satisfy these needs. We even provide the option to include an additional front porch that not only adds overall functionality to the cottage, but character as well.

Typically the size of a small house, a cottage is a modest outdoor building that originated in England. Over the years, especially in the US, things have changed. In the US, cottages have been commonly referred to as “cabins” or “chalets” in many instances.

From small, pleasant units, it has evolved to a different context in our world today. Cottages are more often associated with romantic getaways and vacation spots, used by those individuals who are exhausted from their day to day lives. In fact, the modern version can accommodate different configurations such as having more rooms, extra living areas, etc.

Garden Shed

The use of garden sheds is highly popular in different countries around the globe, including Austin TX. From Australia to New Zealand, garden sheds are highly popular to meet both gardening needs and accommodate hobbies of particular individuals.

Our garden sheds are built not only for the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, but also for different functions around your home. What makes our garden sheds unique is its functional, savvy design that is focused in accommodating your storage and other activities. Our designs are also durable, meant to withstand the toughest outdoor elements. Our garden sheds are built to assist various activities ranging from gardening to workshop needs.

Typically used for storage and for other purposes that you could think of, the modern shed can vary in its overall design ranging from the simple to the complex design. The garden shed will not only maximize your outdoor space, but could also simplify and organize the way you practice your activities.

Dutch Barn

The original Dutch Barns are considered culturally significant in the US as these structures were originally made in the 18th and 19th century. In fact, the original Dutch Barns are estimated to be less than 600 in the US today. However, these days, it is possible for you to have your own Dutch Barn. Austin TX is a good place to find these. With its resurgence in popularity, Dutch Barns are again finding its way to various properties.

Used for different agricultural purposes, the Dutch Barns are among our most popular outdoor building options. Our Dutch Barns have overhead height to spare in order to assist in overall storage space.

Dutch Barns are perfect for those who are looking to organize/re-organize their home or to make the most of the available outdoor space. Unlike in the past where it was utilized to house farm animals, it has transformed into buildings being used to serve different functions. Additionally, it is now also used to keep all the tools in the right place, a use that is far from its original purpose.

Mini Barn

In a common time of people needing more space, barns are sometimes neglected as a viable option. Fortunately, there are a few good reasons why you should consider one of these. Mini barns make perfect sense for smaller properties that don’t have sufficient space available for larger outside buildings.

With years of experience in refining the design and the overall structure of the traditional barns, we are able to design and manufacture the Mini Barn and turn it into a property according to particular specifications in Austin TX. Cheaper than most other outdoor buildings, mini barns are among the most popular options for those who are looking to get the best bang for their buck.

For homeowners looking for an economic solution to their storage needs, our versatile design and crafty workmanship guarantees the best end result that suits your requirements. Regardless if you need an area to start a new hobby, or to keep the ladder and other common tools at bay, the mini barn has the ability to meet your essential needs.


Do you plan on maximizing the usability of your backyard? Perhaps, you are looking for a place where you could park your car or any other vehicle for that matter? If you are looking for an area where you could work on your vehicle or simply make the most of your available space by creating extra storage space, a garage in Austin TX for example is a perfect addition that you could add to your home.

Available in various sizes, it is possible to not only have an area that can be considered your workplace for weekend activities, it can also be utilized to store all the power tools, garden tools, not to forget the perfect building to protect your vehicle.

As mentioned before, garages are available in various shapes and sizes, specially designed according to specifications and the homeowner’s available space. What makes garages the perfect addition to any home is that it helps to protect your vehicle. It helps protect the vehicle from outside elements, which could significantly add up to the wear and tear. Additionally it also helps prevent vandals from doing your property any harm by having a safe, lockable storage building to accommodate everything you don’t want to keep inside your home.

Hunter Cabin

Regardless if you are a hunting enthusiast yourself, or simply looking to have a comfortable place where you could have a comfortable break away from the everyday busy life; hunter cabins designed and manufactured in Austin TX are the ideal solution for these activities.

Originally used as hunting real estate out in the field, hunter cabins have evolved significantly through the years. These days, the functionality of hunter cabins have expanded and are no longer just for those individuals with large properties outside the city.

Hunter cabins are also becoming highly popular among those homeowners who are looking to enhance their own backyard. Yes, it is even popular among those who don’t have an interest in hunting whatsoever.

Combining both functionality and style in our overall approach in constructing the hunter barn, it is possible to transform the hunter cabin into a place where you could store your tools or anything needing safe lockup space outside. In fact, it is becoming common that homeowners are putting their cabins to good use for completely unrelated requirements to hunting, such as a place they can work, and, if off your residential property, the perfect place for a short breakaway, a place to clear your head, read a good book, just to name a few.


If you’re looking for a cabin with a more traditional style, then the Homestead may just be what you’re looking for.  This portable cabin is essentially the same as the Hunter cabin but with a slightly different roofline.  They are still manufactured in Austin TX by our highly skilled craftsman.

The Homestead can be used as a stand-alone cabin for weekend fishing or hunting getaways.  It’s also finding its way as a wonderful alternative for a permanent living space.  The tiny home movement has gained interest and the homestead cabin is a perfect fit.  It’s roomy and versatile.  Many people purchase the Homestead and do some amazing interior finishing and customizations, making this cabin feel much larger than it is.

The homestead cabin comes in a variety of sizes, with your choice of colors, roofing, doors and windows.  You can make this cabin the perfect fit for its location, whether it’s a crafting room, mother-in-law’s quarters, backyard office or any other purpose you can dream of.  Let your imagination loose with this amazing portable building structure and we’ll help you to make it look amazing!



Workshops in Austin TX are perfect additions to homes, especially for homeowners who plan to do simple repairs and maintenance in and around the home. It is truly a DIY’er’s dream come true. Investing in small to large power tools can become challenging at times, since it’s not always easy to find appropriate storage space for these essentials, let alone keeping these safe.

For this particular reason, a workshop offers a one-size-fits-all solution for homeowners who are looking to have a place where they could work, and store tools of the trade. Workshops generally add character and value to your home as it provides an extra space where you could practice a number of additional activities.

Workshops are meant for properties of different sizes. Catering for small to large properties, workshops make a practical choice for anyone who wants to have a venue where he could start a new hobby or simply work on some weekend project of any sort.

Sturdi Bilt Buildings manufactures portable storage buildings including portable sheds, portable dutch barn and mini barn, portable garage, portable cabins and portable workshops.  Our hand crafted portable buildings are manufactured using the highest quality lumber, siding, roofing, windows and doors.  We build things to last and our portable buildings are designed to last for many decades with proper maintenance.
You’ll immediately notice that our skilled carpenters are very precise and that all of our joints are very tight.  The reason is that by having tight joints, you will not have leakage or penetration of the elements into the building, causing it to begin to deteriorate.  You’ll also notice that the gaps around the doors are very consistent and evenly spaced, allowing the doors to open and close smoothly.
Our portable cabins are built for weekend living or full time living.  Since they are portable, our cabins can go anywhere.  Their uses include: fishing cabins, hunting, mother-in-law’s quarters, craft room, office, store and more.  Our portable workshops are great for the man who needs a place to build, make or fix stuff. They’ll give you the space that you need and a place of your own.
Our portable sheds and barns are available in a couple of styles including a dutch barn or lofted barn, which gives you additional storage space up within the roofline.  This additional storage comes in handy for those items which you don’t need very often and can get them up and out of the way.
One items that people are sometimes surprised by is the portable garage building.  We deliver directly to your location a completely built and ready to drive your car into building.  Our garages have a complete floor, built-in and ready to handle a car or light truck.  We prefer roll up doors and recommend a man door on the side of the building.  They have timber beam floors with ply covering and strong enough to carry the weight and durable enough to last for decades.
We deliver and set up your new portable building at your location.  We have special trailers to move the building over the highways and once we arrive, our little mule takes over. Our mule is a powerful and light weight little machine that moves your building across the lawn without damaging it and it’s able to place your building in some very tight quarters.  Our team is very experienced and has a reputation of doing what it takes to deliver exactly what the customer expected.

We serve a large geographic area including:

Round Rock
San Marcos

New Braunfels

La Grange


Depending on the building, we may even be able to travel further.  Just give us a call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding this.
We always accept cash or credit however you also have other options.  Our Rent to Own program makes monthly payment affordable but also applies a portion of your monthly payment toward ownership!  If you’re on a tight budget or if you have less than stellar credit, this is a fantastic option.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality building and the best price available. We offer impeccable service from the first visit all the way through your delivery and set up of your new portable storage building.

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“We Build for You ~ Like We Build for Ourselves”

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